How can i order my cakes?
Go to Order / Contact Us page to place the order or email us at jgevini@bigpond.com, please include a detailed description on your design or picture of the cake you like . Then we will be able to give you a quote.

When should i book my cake?
For a wedding cake we prefer 4-5 weeks notice. For a birthday cake or other occasions we prefer 2-4 weeks notice.

What is the process of ordering a cake?
Please email us with the details such as date, location for delivery, design idea you like, then we can give you a estimate of cost.
Once your design and price is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation-form, with all the details.
We are happy to receive orders by email. For a personal consultation you need to make an appointment to see us.

How much will i expect to pay for a cake?
A single tier cake usually starts from $180. We are happy to give you a quote on your design.

Delivery is free For some areas, please contact us for details.